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Map of Greece and the Greek Islands

Kefalonia Island

The Greek Island Kefalonia (Cephalonia Island) is situated off the west-coast of mainland Greece (near Patras) and can be reached by ferry boat and by air. There are various ports in Italy (Bari, Ancona, Brindisi and Venice) that have connections to mainland Greece and Kefalonia directly and there are ports on mainland Greece (Patras and Kilini) that have daily services as well. In addition to this there are also connections between Kefalonia and Lefkas (Lefkada), Corfu (Kerkyra), Zante (Zakynthos), the other Ionian Islands. There is also an international airport on the island, which has daily flights from Athens and other major airports throughout Europe (charter flights).

Below you will find a few links that might help you in your travel arrangements.

Flight information

Click on the following Travel Links for economical flights to Kefalonia & Athens

Travelling from Brussels International Airport to Athens with Virgin Express can be booked at very economical rates. Also Easy Jet has very economical flights on offer from Berlin and London airports. GermanWings also has economical flights from Germany to Athens. From there connecting flights to Kefalonia with Olympic Airways can be taken.

Olympic Airways has also daily flights from countries around the world to Athens, such as the U.K., South Africa, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, France, Kuwait, U.A.E., Holland, Belgium and the U.S.A.

Transavia flies from Amsterdam to Athens and also directly to Kefalonia.

Link to Olympic Airways

Link to EasyJet

Link to Virgin Express

Link to Virgin Express

Following website displays and compares various charter airlines flying directly to Kefalonia from the U.K.:

For Ferries to Kefalonia

There is also a daily ferry schedule from the mainland to Kefalonia from Patras, from Kilini and from Astakos. Also from the neighboring islands of Lefkas and Zakynthos there are daily ferries to Kefalonia. Patras is by bus two hours from Athens and Kilini is 3 hours from Athens. The ferry boat that arrives at Sami port is 9 kilometers (10 minutes) from Agia Efimia.

Driving directions from the airport to Agia Efimia and to our office Kefalonia Travel

The airport of Kefalonia is situated south of Argostoli (Capital), between Lassi and Minies on the map shown below. When leaving the airport you will come to a T-junction at which you turn left towards Argostoli. When arriving over the hill into Argostoli proceed towards the south west (towards Kastro). You will have to go around the bay of Argostoli, since the bridge has been closed for vehicles. When exiting Argostoli towards Kastro you will have to turn left at the first traffic lights. When arriving at the other side of Argostoli Bay you can choose from two directions after these traffic lights.

1) You can either take the road (turn right) after this traffic light towards the east to Sami. When entering Sami you will have to turn left and then proceed north-west along the coast to Agia Efimia.

2) You can also go north (straight) after this traffic light towards Assos on the map and then proceed to the east (straight) at Myrtos Bay to reach Agia Efimia. Myrtos Bay is the bay south of Assos village on the map. Both routes to Agia Efimia are approximately the same distance from Argostoli (32 km).

Our office (Kefalonia Travel) is situated on the seafront (above the beach) of Agia Efimia right next to a little church and a cafeteria. From here we will assist you with your luggage and we will check you in personally.

Map of Kefalonia

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