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Pleasure Boat Hire in Kefalonia (Cephalonia)

Approximately 30 percent of Kefalonia's (Cephalonia's) beaches can be reached by car or bike. If you would like to see more of them a boat is required. The most beautiful secluded beaches and coves are on the north-eastern part of the island of Kefalonia, between Agia Efimia and Fiscardo. Most people have never driven a boat or haven't done this in a while. We offer therefore at Boulevard Boat Hire a proper and professional instruction on how to operate these easy-to-use pleasure boats. You will get taught how to anchor these boats close to a beach and how to operate the engine. We also supply a cooler box with ice cubes, a mobile phone, umbrellas, beach mats and a ladder with each boat. You can choose between either a 30 or 25 horsepower boat with steering wheel or a slightly smaller boat with a 20 or 15 horsepower engine. Each boat also has a canopy.

Beautiful bays & beaches

All Kefalonia's secluded bays and beaches have their own distinct beauty. After a brief but thorough instruction you can explore the idyllic green coastline of northern Kefalonia. You can either find your own little cove or you can try your fishing skills. The beautiful clear sea is also perfect for snorkeling with underwater visibility of up to 50 meters. You will experience a unique feeling of freedom while exploring the beautiful coastline and you will always remember this unforgettable day.

Captain Corelli's Bay (Gorgotas Bay)

This bay (shown right below) is a few miles north from Agia Efimia and had been chosen in the movie for its beautiful waters and breathtaking scenery. This is the now famous bay illustrated on the cover of the book and film.

Ideal for couples and families

Great Snorkeling - Enjoy the beautiful underwater life of the Ionian Sea

Beautiful Secluded Bays & Beaches

Discover Kefalonia's idyllic green coastline at your own leisure

Easy to use

Complete life saving equipment on board

Mobile phone, cooler box with ice-cubes, beach umbrellas & mats and canopy on all boats

Unforgettable experience

Professional instruction

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